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There are a lot of different Chinese places that offer delivery in the area. I love this place. When i go in person and when I order delivery I am always pleasantly surprised in the effort that went into making my food. The restaurant is just cleaner and well maintained.


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Always enjoy a visit to Mike's Golden House. Been a staple in our local restaurant dining for over 15 years now. Cares about his customers and their loyalty prove it!


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I love their food. They are still using styrofoam containers. Once I know they are not - I will definitely order from the again.


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Son... The crab rangoon (cheese wontons) is crack. Dumplings too. My fav in Astoria.


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Really good deal for that amount of food. And the food itself was pretty good, too

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We are always on a quest for great Chinese food. We have moved 4 times within Astoria and every time we move it is always just outside the delivery perimeter of our old 'favorite' place. That being said we have tried A LOT of places and Golden House is by far the winner across Astoria. The best thing about them is the consistency of the food. Every time we order we know what to expect... and everything is pretty delicious. I've actually had people from out of town say that the Golden House boneless spare ribs are by far the best they have ever had. Ever. Now that's saying something. You won't be disappointed and I almost guarantee you will be more than pleasantly surprised.


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Delivery is fine, no problems. Have ordered from them many, many times without issues. The main reason I order from here instead of the 3 or 4 places that are much closer is because they have the option to steam cook all of their entrees, with sauce on the side, no oil, and with brown rice. NO other chinese place has all of these abilities on seamless, and so I order from this place EVERY time for chinese. If you are trying to eat healthy and want chinese, this is basically your only option. I appreciate the option here.


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My favorite aspect about Golden House is that they give you the option of steamed, no oil, and brown rice right on modifier list that pops up. I love the Triple Jade, and the fact that I can get it without oil makes it even better. The vegetables are always extremely fresh and the garlic sauce nice and tangy. The delivery is speedy and always exactly what I expect. The lunch specials are so cheap you can order two and save one for the next day.


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The Wonton Egg Drop Soup was pretty good. I really liked the Singapore Style Chow Me Fun. I found the Spring Rolls to be pretty okay (nothing special and kinda on the greasy side). ********************* Upon returning, I have discovered their Egg Foo Young (excellent) and their crab sticks (OMG greasy goodness). Golden House, you have won as my all time fav Chinese in the neighborhood.


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The brilliant taste, the quality of food, and fast delivery...this place has it all... Try roast pork Yat Gaw Mein soup, dumplings, dim sum, or one of their amazing entrees, and you'll definitely come back for more... The only downside is the lack of deserts, so all of us craving a sweet chaser after a perfect meal will have to quench our needs elsewhere...

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